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Moyne Health Services is committed to maintaining and improving the health and wellbeing of our people and the communities we service. To that end, we recognise the need to use our resources wisely and effectively without compromising our standards of care. We also acknowledge our responsibility to provide a leadership role to ensure the environmental, social and economic sustainability of our organisation.

Economic Sustainability
Moyne Health Services is one of Port Fairy’s largest employers. We employ 215 personnel, with an annual turnover of $16M this financial year. We purchase goods and services locally, including dairy, bakery products, plumbing and electrical services.

Environmental Sustainability
Moyne Health Services is committed to implementing sound environmental practices to ensure a reduction in our environmental impact. We are continually reviewing and implementing practices in all areas of our operations to minimise both the impact on the environment and cost.

We also recognise it is our responsibility to develop skills and attitudes of our staff that will result in a long-term commitment to environmental sustainability and strategies that lead to improved quality of life for our community.

Social sustainability
Our people at their best!

Our people are the key to our success! Here at Moyne Health Services we are committed to creating a sound understanding of what success looks like, showcasing the strengths of our people and supporting opportunities for personal growth and development. We have adopted principles and procedures to ensure that recruitment, promotion and career advancement is determined on the basis of fair and open competition between qualified individuals. Decisions to recruit and promote within the workplace are made solely on the basis of relative ability, knowledge and skills.